Natural stone is perhaps the most overlooked
home-building material in the country!
Strong, durable, plentiful, and free
for the gathering most everywhere,
stone can be combined in countless ways to
create beautiful homes, fireplaces, walls, cottages,
walkways, and many
other solid-as-stone structures.

With the simple forming techniques explained in our book, 
amateur builders can now "pour" their own stone house
-- in one summer, with no previous masonry experience,
and at a cost that will have mortgage bankers
shaking their heads in disbelief!

Following are some photos of
our beautiful rural homestead

--  Sharon  Watson



                                    the stonehouse

Early Winter: Sharon on the road with the dogs

winter, two rds lead to home

Winter: Two roads lead to home

Spring at the Stone House


Late Summer scene

Late Summer: View from the backyard


View from the front yard, looking west


View from the front yard, looking south.
The Sweet Valley.

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