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FootJourneys 2013 Calendar

 To help folks in their endeavors to be more self -sufficient,

here are some important links:

Seven Reasons to Prefer Stone by Sharon & Lewis Watson


Building A Passive Solar Slip-Form Stone House

Mike Oehler's $50 Underground House

Kara Canada's Straw Bale House

Earthwood Building School

Building Today for Tomorrow

The Art of Building a House of Stone

The Good Life

Living Off the Grid

Simple Living Manifesto

Simple Living Network


We've been living happily in our stone house for a number of years now. Looking back, we realize the decision to build our own home was probably the greatest turning point in our adult lives.

In moving to the country, and into our own low-cost,
paid-for-home, we achieved the following:

Enhanced self-confidence. After building our own home, we feel we can do anything!

Personal security: A sense of  "coming home," a safe haven.

Financial security: No rent or mortgage payments. Less money required to live;
more money available to live on.

Reduced food expenses by gardening or buying locally grown produce
(much of it handed out free from the neighbors).
Healthier meat by hunting wild game (lower fat, no chemicals in free-ranging,
unstressed animals), or buying locally-raised animals which are also free-ranging.

No keeping-up-with-the-Joneses mentality. Garage sale clothes, used furniture
and other goods are in abundance. Used cars are quite adequate and
country roads dictate that car washes are useless.

Freedom from jobs: We quit teaching and started our own home business
of book publishing, book selling and freelance magazine writing and photo sales.
No daily commuting.

More leisure time to travel (worked right in with freelance writing/photography).

Awesome scenery and we can see the stars at night.

Quiet: No noise, traffic, sirens, smog, crime.

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